Explore Our Band's 105-year History

The Band was founded in 1919, and has evolved over the years, as we continue to find new ways for our members to have fun. Take a look at the Band’s history through the years.

Be Part of Our Band Community

The Band is a musical group, for sure. But our commmunity reaches way beyond our members. It includes Band Candidates, Friends & Family, Band Alumni, and anyone else who want to follow our activities. Learn about the ways you can be part of our extended Band community.

Ten Great Reasons to Join the Band

Every member has their own reasons for joining the Band. But your reasons are the only thing that matters. Here are the reasons we hear most frequently.

Get the Details on Joining the Band

Joining the Band isn’t very complicated. Let us know you’re interested, and come in for an audition. And if you don’t play an instrument, there are lots of other opportunities to participate as an Administrator, on our  Communications Team, or our Prop Crew.

Let the

Whether you’re a prospective band member who’s eager to join our musical family, a supportive friend or relation looking for a glimpse into our spirited activities, or a dedicated band member ready to dive into upcoming events, we want to help you discover all the excitement that awaits you.




Not Sure Where to Get Started?

Find your interest below for some quick links to pages with information you’re looking for.

I Want to Join the Band

Start by remembering all the reasons why you enjoy being part of a musical community with Ten Great Reasons to Join the Band.

Then get to know Our Recruitment Process and what we look for in new or returning Band members.

Once you’re on track to becoming a Band member, cruise through our recommendations on How to Prepare for Your Audition.

And if you’re a former Band member we’d love for you play with us when you can. Explore opportunities to Join as an Alum.

I Want to Be a Part of the Band Community

Our community goes way beyond current music-making members. Explore our Band Community page to learn how parents, siblings, friends, and Band alums keep us energized.

Roll up your sleeves and Get Involved by helping our community with a donation. Or learn How to Engage Us to play at your event.

I’m an Active Band Member

If you’re already part of the Band and want to dive right in, we want to help you access the most important member pages quickly.

You can sign-in with the credentials that were emailed to you with the LOGIN link, above the top menu, on the right. Once signed-in, the Events Calendar will include events that are visible only to members. You’ll be able to RSVP within each Band Member event. And don’t forget to Edit your Profile. You can add a profile pic and 30 to 50 words of About Me text to help our fans get to know you. It’s all available above the main menu, but only when you’re signed-in.

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