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10 Great Reasons to Join the Band

Yellow Mum

Are you on the fence about joining the Band? Every one of us has been there.

To help you think about the benefits of Band membership, we offer the following thoughts — fresh from our own members.

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Transitioning into College Life

Ease your transition into college life by joining a community that takes pride in its traditions and camaraderie. Within the Band’s vibrant and inclusive culture, you’ll find a second family, offering support, friendship, and a sense of belonging as you embark on this new chapter in your life.


Fun & Memorable Experiences

Infuse your college years with fun  and laughter as you share memorable experiences with the Band. From quirky traditions to impromptu events, you’ll relish the Band’s infectious spirit and warm sense of camaraderie.




Performance Opportunities

With frequent performance opportunities, you’ll find a variety of ways to showcase your talent, gain confidence, and contribute to a vibrant college spirit.


Musicianship & Skills

Elevate your musicianship through rehearsals and personalized guidance.You’ll enjoy  continuing growth and improvement, and performance opportunities will make it all more rewarding. 




Leadership Roles

Increase your impact and foster your personal growth by taking on leadership roles within the Band. There are all sorts of chances to participate, well beyond musical activities — wherever your interests may lie: coordinating operations, event planning, social media engagement, and maybe even some musical pursuits like being the student conductor.


Unique Traditions

You’ll become part of the Harvard Band’s unique (and did we mention quirky?) traditions stretching back over a hundred years — fostering your sense of belonging and connection. 




Travel Experiences

Embark on exciting adventures as you travel to performances across the Northeast (and sometimes beyond). These experiences will broaden your perspective and create lasting memories of trips shared with friends.


Community Engagement

Help us expand our impact within the broader community. You’ll be bringing the joy of music and the Band’s infectious spirit in making a positive impact wherever we perform.




Creativity & Collaboration

You can engage in all sorts of collaborative projects — like writing halftime shows for football games — where your creativity is encouraged and the non-judgmental environment will help you to stretch your imagination.


Stress Relief

Within the Band environment, music can be an outlet that provides a welcome break from academic pressures and a chance to unwind — as part of a welcoming and supportive community.


Yellow Mum

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